One:One Coaching With Emma Wright, The Body Confidence Coach

Helping mothers breakthrough body confidence blocks for themselves and their kids

You can be Body Confident


Imagine living without feeling self-conscious about your body

You can live without guilt, shame or frustration about how you eat or how you look

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Hi, I’m Emma

The Body Confidence Coach

As a body confidence coach, I’ve helped many mothers stop fighting their body and helped them form a new relationship with what they eat and how they look. Perhaps best of all is the new power they have to demonstrate body confidence to their kids.

Many mums come to me:

  • knowing what they should eat and how to move, but it makes no difference to how they feel about themselves
  • having tried a million diets and just want to stop that cycle
  • because they can’t stop going back to the fridge
  • feeling powerless over emotional eating
  • simply wanting to think about food and their body less
  • wanting to support their kids feel good about their body, but know their own mind isn’t in a great place. 


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The top 5 breakthroughs 

Food no longer dominating your thoughts

Emotional eating no longer overpowers you

Freedom from shame

Getting off the binge diet cycle

Demonstrating body confidence to your kids


Testimonial Emma Wright NZ

“I was struggling to address the issue of weight in our family conversations. Emma helped me shift perspective away from my daughter to society itself. This is so empowering. (Because) we are neck-deep in negative messaging and discrimination based on body-appearance.”



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What do you say when your child says, “I’m Fat!”?

You’ve been told all the wrong information about how to manage these conversations, and what to do at home. Now you’ll understand why what you’re doing doesn’t work. For all ages, learn what to say and do when it comes to talking to your kids about how they look and what they eat.
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