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Emma Wright presents…

Upcoming EVENTS. For parents of toddlers to teens


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Crofton Downs

WHERE: Crofton Downs School, Chartwell Drive, Wellington


WHERE: St Marks School Hall, Basin Reserve, Wellington

This 90 min event is for you if…

  • your child has said they don’t like their body
  • your dinner table is a battlefield
  • you wish your child would eat more healthy food
  • your child seems addicted to sugar
  • you’re worried about their weight but don’t want to cause body image issues

The Raising Body Confident Kids event covers:

  • The 10 key principles of growing body confidence in kids
  • Strategies to deal with sugar the easy way
  • How to talk about fat and weight without awkwardness or fear you’re causing issues
  • Eating disorder prevention
  • Practical steps to make your home a body-positive environment

I have learned so much in your talk, so much more than I expected. I think this is a talk I will remember for a long time. You have given me some great take-home message that will change me in a positive way & help our family together have a much more positive view on our bodies and acceptance of ourselves.


Book me to speak

When is the best time for your community to learn about raising body-confident kids? Yesterday. But now’s good too.

I’d love to come and talk at your parents’ event, school or community fundraiser. 

Get in touch with me personally to request a Parent Talk Info Pack and have all your questions answered.