Emma Wright


The body confidence coach



Come meet me live! Hear me share practical advice on what to say and how to act, to have happy, healthy body confident kids. 

For parents of one to eighteen-year-olds. In 90 minutes I’ll share:

  • How to build great body confidence in kids
  • How to deal with the whole ‘sugar’ and kids thing
  • Social media strategies
  • How to talk about fat and weight without awkwardness or fear you’re causing issues
  • Eating disorder prevention
  • Body size bullying (teaching your kids how to respond powerfully)
  • 5+ years experience

Set your kids up to feel good about their body for life








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NOV 24

Coming soon

I have learned so much in your talk, so much more than I expected. I think this is a talk I will remember for a long time. You have given me some great take-home message that will change me in a positive way & help our family together have a much more positive view on our bodies and acceptance of ourselves.


Book me to speak

When is the best time for your community to learn about raising body-confident kids? Yesterday. But now’s good too.

I’d love to come and talk at your parents’ event, school or community fundraiser. 

Get in touch with me personally to request a Parent Talk Info Pack and have all your questions answered.

What do you say when your child says, “I’m Fat!”?

You’ve been told all the wrong information about how to manage these conversations, and what to do at home. Now you’ll understand why what you’re doing doesn’t work. For all ages, learn what to say and do when it comes to talking to your kids about how they look and what they eat.
Download the happy, healthy body-image conversations toolkit.

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