Hey, I’m Emma Wright, MA(applied). Founder of BodyBlossom.

I’m out to kick diet-culture in the arse so you and I can reclaim our lives.

If you want to end life-sucking food obsession and want to stop over-exercising, check out the #BodyBlossom Photo Project & the BodyBlossom Practice.

Looking for a bit more detail? I live in Arrowtown, on the South Island of New Zealand. I’ve written three books, sold over five hundred paintings, and won a national mountain bike title.

I completed a Masters of Leisure Theory at Victoria University in Wellington with distinction. My thesis was called Playing with Beauty: How Social Expectation of Appearance Effect Performance.

Add to this mix, an avid quest for adventure: I once rode a bicycle from Islamabad Pakistan to Hong Kong. I love movies, mountains, skiing, libraries, laughing at myself, developing empathy and conversations that run deep.