Emma Wright is the most open person you’ll ever meet.

She’s a best-selling author, painter, public speaker, and mother. But her biggest passion is making BodyPositivity something all of us can support. To do that she created the #BodyBlossom Photo Project & BodyBlossom Challenge.

Emma has written three books, sold over five hundred paintings, and won a national mountain bike title. Still, she’s as down to earth as you & I.

Emma has supported herself through her creative pursuits – first painting, then writing and currently by being a body positive advocate. Before painting for a living Emma was a brand strategy consultant for an eye-wateringly successful brand agency.

As someone who openly suffered from bulimia, Emma is out to shift how we, as a culture, live in our bodies. She is devoted to helping us all find ways to support, encourage, and contribute to the Body Positive movement, so our children will grow up knowing they are valued for the content of the hearts and minds not the size or shape of their bodies.

Add to this mix, an avid quest for adventure: Emma once rode a bicycle from Islamabad Pakistan to Hong Kong. She loves movies, mountains, skiing, libraries, giggling at herself and conversations that run deep.