Most kids are on track to body image issues, fuelled by common health & wellness practices. I teach parents what to say and do so their kids live happy, healthy lives. 

I’m Emma and I speak and write about our kid’s relationship with food and their body so parents can be calm & cool-headed about their kid’s long term health.

I want to share everything I know with you. 

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It’s no surprise that even when parents get the importance of body image… they have no idea what to do!

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…I’m here to help modern parents navigate the piles of misinformation out there – and offer sensible, evidence-based solutions. 

I write about the stuff parents need to know but almost no one talks about…



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My work has helped 100s of parents be powerful, present and prepared when it comes to their kid’s long term health…

But why me, in particular?

The day my first child was born I promised her I wasn’t going to let her hate her body like I hated mine. 

She was going to be slim and fit and everyone was going to know I was doing an amazing job.

But the older she got the more we’d fight about what she ate. 

And frankly, I was terrified her chubby body was going to get bigger and all the dangers I thought came with that plagued me. 

The harder I policed the more resistant she got. It was awful. 

And then I started to see guilt and shame and fear in her eating. Hiding, sneaking, gobbling. I had no idea what to do – I was already doing all the things.

So I went into research mode and what I learned shocked me. 

I learned that health and weight are not nearly as linked as we’ve been lead to believe. 

I discovered that eating disorders don’t come from psychological weakness, they are a very normal biological response to certain environments. 

And the environment created by so many of our health and wellness rules actually fosters disordered eating.

Knowing that changed everything!! 

I put what I learned into practice and about a year down the track the most magical thing happened. 

My daughter came to me and said “Mum, there’s a girl in my class who said she hates her fat tummy. But I know her body is a good one because everyone’s’ body is.” 

I knew in that moment I made good on my promise. 


I’m Emma Wright, One Grateful mother and I’d love you to feel cool and calm-headed about your child’s relationship with food and their body. 


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