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Hi, I’m Emma.

I’m the creator of the Raising Body Confident Kids parenting course.

I created the course because I’ve been where you are. I did all the health and wellness ‘things’ and ended up with kids sneaking food, saying they hated their bodies and mealtime battles.

The harder I tried to do all the things we are taught to do – feed them healthy, tell them they’re gorgeous and limit food deemed ‘bad’, the worse things became.

I had an eating disorder growing up and didn’t want them going down the same track.

It wasn’t until I discovered the new parenting tools for raising body confident kids based in Intuitive Eating, HAES and positive parenting discipline that I finally understood why modern health strategies don’t work, and what to do instead. 

What I learned completely changed my family and I hope it can change yours too.


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I talk from expertise and personal experience.

What the course covers

When I was nineteen, I told my parents I had bulimia. They didn’t believe me. Or at least believe it was the life-threatening problem that it was. They told me I was beautiful and asked if I ‘was over all that now’ and we hardly spoke of it again.

My parents were great in so many ways. But they didn’t have parenting tools to speak about bodies, food and long-term health to their kids in a way that left us feeling positive or protected from our culture that values thinness and promotes weight-loss like it’s the panacea for everything.

Having now recovered I want to give other smart, dedicated parents like you the tools to parent for body confidence that my folks never had.

Through my online course, coaching, and the workbook, I’ve helped 100’s of parents raise body confident kids and have a better relationship with food and body themselves.

“I’ve taken all my advice, guidance and knowledge for you and created the Raising body confident kids parenting course. It’s a safe spaces where you get to learn parenting tools that help you and your kids feel good about your bodies and what you eat.” 

The Raising Body Confident Kids gives you the tools to empower your kids.

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Join hundreds of other parents & try the free 3 part training series. Plug in, play and learn why most body confidence advice doesn’t work & what to do instead.