Raising body confident kids: A practical workbook for parents


By Emma Wright, Body Confidence Coach

Raising Body Confident Kids Book by Emma Wright (1)

A practical workbook for parents

Many amazing parents believe good body image is important, but don’t know exactly what to do or what to say. It’s an area of health that’s often misunderstood or simply glossed over.

Raising Body Confident Kids is a practical workbook that gives modern parents the tools to stop worrying about their kids’ relationship with their bodies or what they eat.

Many have claimed the book has helped calm the fear that they might have passed the way they felt about their body down to their kids.

  • Practical tools for parents & caregivers of kids aged one to eighteen years
  • Relevant to kids of all sizes, shapes, abilities, and genders
  • Learn the 10 principles of raising body confident kids
  • Find out how to protect your kids from destructive marketing messages.

Set your kids up to feel good about their body for life

Emma’s book was a life-changer for our family. We learnt so much vital information and practical tips that really gave me the confidence to have those hard conversations and answer those hard questions!! As the mother of three girls, I feel such responsibility to arm them with the tools they need to feel ok in their bodies and navigate this world that has such emphasis on looking a certain way. I highly recommend this for every single parent out there!!


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What do you say when your child says, “I’m Fat!”?

You’ve been told all the wrong information about how to manage these conversations, and what to do at home. Now you’ll understand why what you’re doing doesn’t work. For all ages, learn what to say and do when it comes to talking to your kids about how they look and what they eat.
Download the happy, healthy body-image conversations toolkit.

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