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Raising Body Confident Kids Book by Emma Wright (1)
You get that body confidence is important, I know you do.
And you may be thinking, it’s a down the road thing. Or my kids are still pretty young. Or I have a boy. Or wouldn’t it be amazing if Dad got on top of this instead of another thing on my plate! 
But your kid’s body confidence is developing now. It can take years for problematic ‘signs’ to show. A tiny bit of action now might change everything later.
So it might not seem like ‘now’s’ the right time, but it is. 
This book is the best first step to take for all parents. It…
  • is relevant for parents of toddler to teens
  • speaks about all kids of all sizes, shapes, abilities, and genders
  • provides a step by step guide through the 10 principles of body confidence
  • covers media, sugar, dinner time, conversations, bullying and much more

Emma’s book was a life-changer for our family. We learnt so much vital information and practical tips that really gave me the confidence to have those hard conversations and answer those hard questions!! As the mother of three girls, I feel such responsibility to arm them with the tools they need to feel ok in their bodies and navigate this world that has such emphasis on looking a certain way. I highly recommend this for every single parent out there!!


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