Raising Body Confident Kids eCourse

online training for parents of toddlers to teens

Welcome to the eCourse that helps free your family from food and body struggles.

Watch your child eat well and treat their body with respect. No more food/exercise power-struggles.

Have body & food conversations that leave everyone feeling good. 

Know your kid’s body image is safe from media messages whatever their age.

Start feeling relief today!

Body Confident Kids

“Emma’s course was a life-changer for our family. We learnt so much vital information and practical tips that really gave us the confidence to have those hard conversations and answer those hard questions!! As the mother of three girls, I feel such responsibility to arm them with the tools they need to feel ok in their bodies and navigate this world that has such emphasis on looking a certain way.”



body confident kids

Parenting isn’t easy, but who knew food and body stuff would be this tricky?

Why is it, that despite trying our best, we can still end up feeling worried, judged and alone as a parent?

body confident kids

Start learning now!

Guess what? You don’t have to figure it out yourself.

I’m Emma Wright and I’ve been where you are. I did all the health and wellness ‘things’ and ended up with kids sneaking food, saying they hated their bodies and mealtime battles. I had my own issues and desperately didn’t want them to go down the same track.

When you enroll in the Raising Body Confident Kids eCourse, you have all the latest research and learning at your fingertips. 

NO more anxious conversations!

Emma Wright

Get body confidence education all in one place.

  1. enroll now
  2. you’ll be shown the ropes
  3. watch your family thrive 
mum and daughter
  • Easy access online from home
  • Dip in and out as needed
  • Education aimed at ‘busy parents’

100% online. Self-paced education with life time access

  • 24/7 access
  • 15 videos over four learning modules with in-depth worksheets to make the learning stick
  • bonus modules

Stop guessing, start following the evidence

  • Tools and practices based on long term studies, not sciency sounding anecdotes
  • Know exactly what to say & and how to act, no matter who you’re talking with
  • Updated to keep up with latest research

Make lasting changes in just a few days

  • Make life-changing shifts (for you and your kids) with the first three videos
  • Have more connected conversations from the get go
  • Learn to trust yourself and them and watch your family thrive at home and at school
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Lifetime access for $297.

Or monthly access for $20, cancel anytime.


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eCourse Only

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  • Lifetime access to eCourse
  • Email Support
  • Dip in and out as needed


Coaching Club

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NZ $20 per mth

  • Monthly access to eCourse
  • Daily guided mindfulness walk
  • Private Facebook group
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  • Messenger support



Coaching package

NZ $345 per mth

  • 2 x 60 min coaching calls
  • Access to the coaching club
  • Access to the eCourse
  • Messenger and email support


Once you’re enrolled I’ll guide you step by step through getting started and feeling settled in


Want to try a free 15 min class before you join?

Get your kids to stop asking for sweets when out shopping. Stop the begging, whinging, nagging – every time they see the bright, brilliantly marketed sugary stuff. And never hear them ask again. No policing or hard to implement tactics. You’ll stop the fights and be calmer to boot! 


What does the online education cover?

Module One: Reject Diet-Mentality Myths

Learn the three distinct areas that lead to body confidence and how to spot health and wellbeing myths that can cause damage.

Module Three: Marketing & Media

Declutter your environment from negative messages
Spot body-shaming stereotypes
Understand digital trickery
Spot bad science used to market health and wellbeing

Module Two: Language & Conversations

The one simple practice that makes a massive difference
Master awkward conversations about weight, fat and bodies
Practicing gratitude in ways you haven’t thought of
Terms to avoid and terms to use when talking about bodies

Module Four: Food & exercise

Put nutrition & exercise in perspective
Retain a natural love of movement
Deal powerfully with sugar
Discover body-led nutrition

Emma Wright

Body Confidence Coaching Club

I’m a kiwi mum of two, who knows how much better life is without fighting my body and worrying about my kids. Let’s walk this incredible journey together!