Hi, I’m EMMA WRIGHT. Pleased to meet you.


I speak about stuff others shy away from. Like having bulimia and suggesting creatives can be great at commerce without compromising their art. I’ve written two straight talking personal development books. I’ve spoken in public and I used to be a painter. Some say I over-share. Others say I’ve changed their life. Read on to see for yourself.

Feel Good Updates, Every Friday

Let’s be frank and open, I’d love your email address. I’m not weird and I never spam. I want to send you valuable insights each week that will make a difference to your life, your creativity and your work.Postcard 4  Are you in?

Emma Wright is brilliant.
I love receiving her missives every Friday for their ability to cut straight to the chase with humour and insight.
Feel Good Updates are down-to-earth, real, generous, god-dang-she’s-nailed-it-again goodness.

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