I’m Emma Wright.

I create beautiful things, like books, art & courses for people like you, who want a creative life & a body you love.

I’m currently working on three books.  Emma Wright for Website

1) A compilation of Feel good Friday blog posts,

2) a book about finding peace and freedom from binge eating, &

3) a marketing handbook for artists.

That means my current creative juice is writing.  It’s different  from painting, but I love it just as much.

At the same time, I’m running photography workshops with Pete Rees (that sell out in days of opening).  Check out this link if you want to learn your camera + the software to use to make art inspired pictures.

I’ve been a full-time artist for over ten years + have had the pleasure of exhibiting in four different countries (I know!).  To see my work & get yourself an invite to an exhibition near you, go here.

My blog/newsletter goes out weekly & seems to hit a good note:

I have commented before on your writing,…and, I am moved to applaud again.  I note your writing to be sensible, readable, grounded, and ‘inspirational’.  But I suspect it is also reaching a ‘transformational’ level.   Fiona

About once a week, I send a personal, intimate note… to a whole bunch of people.

I share what’s on my mind. I share what’s in my heart – usually about how to love my body better and live a creative life. Often, I share a few recent articles, columns and projects. I strive to keep it short, useful and encouraging.

If you’d like to receive notes from me, please sign up here.

Thank you.

You can unsubscribe anytime (seriously, not even close to offended).  Sending SPAM is the last thing I want.  If you aren’t sure, read some past articles first + see if it’s your thing.



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