Feel good Friday: with an emphasis on ‘feel’

Pink and yellow heart

Do you really know how you feel?  I’m not talking about having emotions (we all have THEM!).  I mean, the sensations in your hands, your legs, your neck, your everywhere.

And come to think of it, when you do have an emotion, do you know how it feels in your body, how big it is, etc?

It’s so easy to be all talk.  I feel this. I feel that. Chat, chat, chat…

I started thinking about this ‘I feel’ thing and wondered if I knew what I was talking about.  All that I’m feel stuff, is very cerebral. All in-between my ears.  I’m not saying I’m making it up but I am saying I often don’t get past thinking about how I feel to physically feeling it.

But dang, when I do, those feelings are good to feel.  Even fear, anger, regret, sadness, are sort of nice (if you can forgive me for that word), to just sit and be with.  Sure, they might be uncomfortable at first.  Like bad weather.  But once I know they will pass I kind of like it.  And when the roughness does go, wow, the opening for feeling the good stuff is much clearer, stronger, intense. Hmmmmm.

It’s nice (there’s that word again).

Here’s what I reckon.  Take today and feel whatever there is to feel.  Close your eyes if you need to. Find somewhere quiet where you don’t feel self-conscious.  Get into it. Feel what’s there.

Good, yes?  Ah, ha.  Friday, goodness, there ya’ go.





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