Short + Sweet. Three Arty Links You’ll Love

Two X

1.  Brain Pickings.  A brilliant mix of brain science & creativity.  Like sweet + salt.

2. The MAGS Fine Art Show.  On This weekend.

3. This Reading List will keep you going for months.

Thought for the day:

Being a successful creative is the result of acting from love, everyday.  Everything else, money, fame, prestige, acclaim are nothing but side effects of a heart driven daily practice. Or at least that’s how it looks to me. 




Aug is Pay What You Can month in my studio.  Check it out here:
Want to take better Photos?  Pete Rees and I are offering Photography Workshops on Waiheke. Nov 1& 2
Oh, and I’m writing a book!
Want to know more?   Web:  Fb: EmmaWrightArt


Feel good Friday: that went well

Ever heard of Seligman?  He’s the inventor of positive psychology. Anyhow.  He’s got this wee gem of a practice that is guaranteed …