Feel good Friday: Suffering, optional.

Suffering, optionalWe all feel pain.  All of us.  Emotional pain.  Physical pain.  Perhaps even spiritual pain (I’ve absolutely no idea what that means, but I have heard it spoken).

We break legs.  Break hearts.  Break commitments.  Get sick, old, tired, sore.  PMT, depression, anxiety, stress.  It all sucks.

But does it have to?

That’s the big question on my mind.  We all feel pain.  But not all of us suffer.

Some, I’ve noticed, when terrible, painful things happen, sure, they feel dreadful but weirdly they don’t experience suffering.


Inspirational, in fact.  I want some.  I want that space between who I am + the pain I feel.

That’s what I think it is.  Space.  Those that don’t suffer don’t turn pain into Who They Are.

We’ve all done it.  You know the deal.  ”I’ve got my period (physical pain) & I can’t stop snapping at the kids (emotional pain).  I hate it (suffering).  It’s so unfair we have to go through this every month (more suffering).”  Or insert your own script.  Something is painful, then you add your suffering to it.

Thing is, it’s optional.  It’s a choice.  Sure, an automatic, unconscious choice until we stop + put attention on it.  But when we do?

Hello power.

Goodbye suffering.

Pain happens.  It’s not so much that we ARE tired, sore, angry.  As if tiredness, soreness or anger is who we are.  It’s more like, we have tiredness, we have soreness, we have anger.  They all pass.  No need to add suffering.

Always check your options people.  Like this.  Am I in pain?  Sure, but am I choosing to suffer?  Then watch the space, the beautiful, peaceful space.

You with me?