Pay what you can, make an offer, do a swap, I’m on the move….


Did you know?  We sold our house + are building a new one?  Yes, we did a major renno on this place last year, but we want to start again from scratch.   Blank canvas and all that.

We’re a bit abnormal.  We LOVE building!

Which means, I’ll be packing up my studio for a few months & instead of painting, I’ll concentrate on writing.  Can you believe it?  The first draft of my book is almost done. Crazy!

I’d soooo much rather the paintings in my studio were being loved + appreciated in your beautiful homes than stuck in deep storage.

So, I’m open to offers the entire month of August.

Your offer could be:  Money – what you can afford right now.  Swapsies, of almost anything. Rent to buy. You name it, I’m open.

Check out my paintings page to see a few new additions.   There will also be some work in my studio that doesn’t make it onto my website.

If you’re reading this on my website, go to the contact me page and get in touch.  If you’re reading this on email, hit reply and away we go.

Or, swing by, text me, ring me.  Hit me up at the Kindy Gate.  It all works.

Just two little conditions:

1) I’m totally in the zone of generosity, but I’ll say no if the offer is pure silliness.  Mr Branson, I know you can afford more than $10 for a large original painting.  And,

2) If you make an offer, I won’t be able to send your painting anywhere in the world for free.  That offer still stands on the original price of my work – just click on the Paintings link here, follow the links and buy now.  I suspect that with international freight thrown in, you’ll probably do better than making an offer.  Just saying….

Happy art buying people!




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