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My work is devoted to helping you live your best life.

In the body you already have.

The #BodyBlossom Photo Project…

Photos of people supporting body positivity, from all corners of the planet.

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The BodyBlossom Challenge

An online guided body-kindness walk to help you build self-confidence, self-worth and meet like-minded people.

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Fighting your body sucks.

You and I both know, happiness isn’t waiting for your ducks to line up.


“As women, we learn very early in life that how we look is important. All the images in the glossy magazines and on TV only serve to reinforce this false way of thinking. It’s who we are that’s important and when we take back our power and our self-esteem, we can be totally comfortable in our imperfect bodies! I highly recommend this book to all women who want to be more than what they look like!” ~ 5 Star Amazon Review

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“The Time Is Always Right, To Do What’s Right.” 

~ Martin Luther King


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