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…in a world that tells us bodies are flawed, requires new parenting skills.

Hence… an actual evidence based parenting course that promises resilient, confident kids who don’t overthink food or their body. 

No more frustration. No more guilt. No more fear you’re causing harm.

Join hundreds of parents (of toddlers to teens) & try the free 3 part mini-series. Plug in, play & learn why most nutrition advice doesn’t work & what to do instead.

“I’m worried about what my kid eats…

I’m fighting with them…

I fear some of their choices…

Something has to change, but I don’t even know what!?”


Parenting isn’t easy, but who knew food and body stuff would be this tricky?

Despite trying our best, we can still end up feeling worried, judged and alone as a parent.

The support starts now!


You’ve tried everything:

Teaching them what’s healthy. Limiting sugar. Telling them they’re gorgeous. 

It’s not working. 

No matter what you do, food and bodies feel like a minefield: Mealtimes. Shopping. Parties. Peer pressure. Social media. Their weight. School. Bullying. Dr appointments. It’s so frustrating! You don’t want to be so worried or feel like you’re failing. 

Something needs to change. 

Crying daughter

You’re not alone.

You can break the cycle.

And it’s easier (and far less stressful) than you think.

Hundreds of really great parents have felt the same worry and frustration and have found a way that works with the Raising Body Confident Kids parenting course.

This is what others have said…


“Dude, seriously I’ve been using your suggestions with my 5-year-old, not just with food but with lots of other things and they work like MAGIC.”

Mother of twins 

“I have two young daughters and I didn’t want to pass on my body insecurity issues to them. I wanted them to avoid the pressure and guilt I’ve felt over my weight. I’m now much more accepting of everyone’s different bodies including my own.”

Charly, Mother of two

“I wanted to make sure I wasn’t passing on my negative body issues to my daughter. I got SO much more than I expected, it’s been a gamechanger! I can say it’s changed our lives.”

– Mother of one

It is possible to raise body confident kids without compromising their relationship with food.

I should know, I’ve been there.

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Hi, I’m Emma Wright.

I’m the creator of the Raising Body Confident Kids parenting course.

I created the course because I’ve been where you are. I did all the health and wellness ‘things’ and ended up with kids sneaking food, saying they hated their bodies, and mealtime battles.

The harder I tried to do all the things we are taught to do – feed them healthy, tell them they’re gorgeous and limit food deemed ‘bad’, the worse things became.

I had my own issues and desperately didn’t want them to go down the same track.

It wasn’t until I discovered the principles of Raising Body Confident Kids and the power of understanding human motivation that I finally understood why most body confidence advice doesn’t work, and what to do instead. 

What I learned completely changed my family, and it can change yours, too.


Just imagine…

  • Your kids sitting at the table and everyone talking about their day. No arguments break out … and it’s food they’ve never tried.
  • Being able to have any sort of food in the house because you can trust everyone to eat what’s right for them (yourself included!).
  • Your child having resilience to deal with someone bullying them about their size.
  • Seeing your tween tell her friend that all bodies are good bodies so no one can make them feel bad about how they look.
  • Your child leaving cookies on the plate because they’ve had enough.
  • Your child coming home from soccer practice and telling you the coach wants to weigh them, and she refused.
  • Hearing your child say “I wonder how long that girl’s neck really is” as they watch their favourite YouTuber.
  • Watching your child make his own lunch box with a wide variety of foods, without having to remind him.
  • Having your son tell you he unfollowed a famous tik-toker because she made him feel bad about himself. 
  • Your child’s eating disorder diagnosis feeling way less frightening because you have a way forward. 
  • Going to bed feeling like your kid is going to be just fine on a daily basis.

It sounds almost miraculous, I know. But these are the kind of results you can expect from taking the Raising Body Confident Kid online parenting course. Moments like this can happen for you too. 

The Raising Body Confident Kids parenting course empowers you to transform your family.

Enrol now and see immediate results

100% online. Self-paced education with lifetime access

  • 24/7 access
  • 50+ audio lessons over six learning modules 
  • 4 bonus modules

Stop guessing, start following the evidence

  • Tools and practices based on long term studies, not sciency sounding anecdotes
  • Know exactly what to say & and how to act, no matter who you’re talking with
  • Updated to keep up with latest research

Make lasting changes in just a few days

  • Make life-changing shifts (for you and your kids) with the first module
  • Have more connected conversations from the get-go
  • Learn to trust yourself and them and watch your family thrive at home and at school

Guaranteed to transform your family… or your money back

Worried that you won’t follow through? That your family is “beyond help”? That it just won’t work? There’s no need. If you don’t see dramatic, life-changing improvements in your kids’ body confidence in a month, I’ll give you your money back, no questions asked.

There’s NO risk. You have nothing to lose … and everything to gain.

Emma Wright

Raising Body Confident Kids parenting course

I’m a kiwi mum of two, who knows how much better life is without fighting with my kids about what they eat and worrying about their body confidence.

Let’s walk this incredible journey together!