Walk & Talk

I believe in getting outside, being inspired and feeling alive. That’s because when mentoring sessions happen out in nature all sorts of wonderful starts to happen. Look below to see the ways I can Walk & Talk with you.

Book a Free 30 Min Walk & Talk

I’m curious to ask…

Do you struggle to get everything jammed into your day?

Same! That’s why I started outdoor mentoring. A deeper benefit than just the talking became apparent. Better ideas, more clarity – and the awesome bonus of doing regular exercise and spending time in nature.

How does it work?

You can Walk & Talk with me in two ways:

  1. self-compassion & body positive mentoring as a way to end diets and shame.
  2. hire me as a walking/meditation/mindfulness buddy – we will build a routine together.

Do you practice mindfulness & gratitude with all your clients?

Yes. I believe the benefits are so powerful that we’ll begin every walk with a short guided meditation.

But what if I don’t live near you?

No problem. We get on our phones, step into nature in our respective homes and go from there.

What does it cost?

The first 30-mintue session is free. After that, if you enjoy it, I’ll send pricing based on regularity, time and what we are discussing. Email me here to book a free half hour Walk & Talk.

Can we do therapy while we are walking?

Great question, but no. I’m not a trained therapist or counsellor. If you are looking for a trained mental health professional – please google therapists in your area. I want to acknowledge you for having the courage to reach out.

Are you ready to book a free 30-minute Walk & Talk?

Yes! Great – click here to email now and book in.