My Creative Biz Plan Workbook

Ready to swap crossed fingers for eager fans waiting to buy your new work? You’re in the right place.

A Practical Workbook Designed To Suit The Creative Mind.

I’m Emma Wright and I’d love to help you. I’ve supported myself – painting and then writing – for over fifteen years. When I started selling my art for a living, I didn’t believe I really needed good business practices. Even though I’d been a strategist for an eyewateringly successful brand agency, I saw creative pursuits as different. I thought that paying attention to planning and numbers was only necessary for big companies. Above all, I imagined my work would sell itself. I quickly realised a good deal of finger crossing, hoping like hell and wishing on a prayer took place. It became very clear very quickly, I could do better.

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Pages of practical goodness
Fill in the blank questions
Months of growth
Days to make art

I Believe In You

No matter what your creative pursuit – writing, painting, designer, photography, etc – creating trust and helping potential fans find you can be the difference between bumbling along and financially supporting yourself.

Benefits Galore: The Proof Is In The Pudding

The workbook asks all the necessary questions to help you build a robust business. I listen to the creativities who use it and integrate their ideas. My Creative Biz Plan Workbook has a place for all aspects of your business so you grow it holistically.

Understand Your Fans

Instead of making work that you think the market might like, build an audience that appreciates what you do.

Get Clarity

Understand on a day by day basis what you need to do to get where you want to go.

Build an Experience

Give your fans an experience they can count on every time they connect with you and your work.

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Let me ask you…

  • Would you like to stop stabbing in the dark, hopping from one thing to the next?
  • Are you interested in learning a process – not a get-rich-quick scheme – that gathers all aspects of your business in one place so you can focus on what needs to happen next?
  • Are you ready to do some work and actually listen to the people you want to create for, in order to understand why they buy from you and why they would recommend you to others?
  • Are you ready to take charge and have your creative business thrive?
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User Reviews: I Love My Users, And They Love The Workbook.

“WOW – I highly recommend this workbook.”

“I highly recommend this workbook for professionals in creative industries and for people considering establishing a business based around their craft.” – Gallery Owner

I can’t thank you enough. The book has somehow simplified all the thoughts buzzing around in my head. Given me clarity!! So many omg AAAA Haa moments. It’s happening! It’s on its way. Thank you, Emma.
Alison Colthurst, Fine Artist
Just six months into a business I was beginning to wonder “what went wrong?” I’d thrown in my job and launched but kind of knew that it wasn’t working – within the first few pages I was asked the right questions to evaluate and front up to the reality of a creative business. I’ve been galvanised into action but not to give up on my dreams.
Mandy Mee, The Farmers Daughter
The thing that is amazing is the way you have put it all together – the way you present the information really works for the creative mind.
Nikki Apse, Graphic Designer & Artist

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