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Happy, healthy, body-confident kids at all ages

Discover a new way to talk to kids about health and their body

Stop struggling to address the issue of weight and food in your family

Being a parent is a mine-field. It can feel like we’re constantly judging ourselves (and being judged) as our kids go through similar life events that we went through. All we really want is to have happy, healthy kids. And to feel confident in the way we act and the conversations we have with them. 

The emotional wellbeing of our kids is under fire from commonly held health and wellness ideas. We’re doing our best to help them eat and move well. So, of course, it cuts deep when our kids turn round and say “mum, I’m fat”, food becomes a battlefield, or they’re putting on weight despite our best efforts.
It’s even worse when we’re not 100% comfortable in our own body. 

We just don’t know what to say to our kids in food and body-related conversations. Which leaves us feeling confused and not wanting to say anything, in case we make things worse. 
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You deserve to have conversations that can change your kid’s future



Feel supported to guide your children around the topics of how they look and what they eat. With expert advice, guidance and a private Facebook community.




Feel the sense of relief that we know how to have the ‘body-image’ conversation with our kids at all ages. You’ve got this. You can handle the big conversations. 




Learn real-life strategies that will change the way your kids feel about their body. With practical videos and worksheets to empower you to make positive changes.


Ready to have body confident kids?

“Emma’s course was a life-changer for our family. We learnt so much vital information and practical tips that really gave us the confidence to have those hard conversations and answer those hard questions!! As the mother of three girls, I feel such responsibility to arm them with the tools they need to feel ok in their bodies and navigate this world that has such emphasis on looking a certain way.”



Whatever their age, you can raise body confident kids

Raising body confident kids eCourse

10 Video Lessons

Printable Worksheets

Printable Worksheets

Access to a community

Access to a community

Access to Q & A Sessions

Access to Q & A Sessions

Bonus Lessons

Bonus Lessons

In 8 weeks, over 4 modules you’ll learn:

Module One: Reject Diet-Mentality Myths

Learn the three distinct areas that lead to body confidence and how to spot health and wellbeing myths that can cause damage.

Module Three: Marketing & Media

Declutter your environment from negative messages
Spot body-shaming stereotypes
Understand digital trickery
Spot bad science used to market health and wellbeing

Module Two: Language & Conversations

Practice complimenting the person not the body
Master awkward conversations about weight, fat and bodies
Practice gratitude
Terms to avoid and terms to use when talking about bodies

Module Four: Food & exercise

Put nutrition & exercise in perspective
Retain a natural love of movement
Deal powerfully with sugar
Discover body-led nutrition


Bonus lessons

  • Practicing mindfulness with kids
  • Getting support for yourself
  • Does your child have an eating disorder checklist
Ready to have body confident kids?

“I was struggling to address the issue of weight in our family conversations. Emma helped me shift perspective away from my daughter to society itself. This is so empowering. (Because) we are neck-deep in negative messaging and discrimination based on body-appearance.”



Hi, I’m Emma

I’ve spoken to hundreds of parents about body image and their kids. Supporting them to take positive action and have conversations that benefit their children. So as a family they don’t get stuck in a cycle of shame. 

And I talk from experience. When I was nineteen, I told my parents I had bulimia. They didn’t believe me. Or at least believe it was the life-threatening problem that it was. They told me I was beautiful and didn’t need to worry, then asked if I ‘was over all that now?’ None of that helped.

My parents were great in so many ways. But they didn’t know how to speak about bodies and food to their kids in a way that left us feeling protected from our culture that values ‘looks’ so highly. Having now recovered I want to give other smart, dedicated parents like you tools to raise body confident kids my folks never had.

I’ve taken all my advice, guidance and knowledge for you and created an online course that gives practical and real-life support. 

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Ready to have body confident kids?


“Listening to Emma was a light bulb moment – I realised that I was unconsciously creating ‘guilt’ food habits for my children. In the age of too much information and so much pressure, it’s refreshing to have guidance from someone who has been there herself and is willing to share her poignant journey. Emma is an inspiration in this minefield of positive body image.”





Feel confident in what to say when your kids start talking about food and their body.

Have happy, body confident kids.
You’ve got this.

Ready to have body confident kids?