Emma Wright is brilliant. I love receiving her missives every Friday for their ability to cut straight to the chase with humour and insight.


I often get this kind of comment.

I used to tell stories through my art. Stories to inspire. To offer a new viewpoint. Then I discovered I could do a lot better using words, and touch a whole lot more lives in the process. So writing became my mainstay.

I write about my own life, so you can find inspiration and growth in yours. I keep it real, open and fun. I aim to be practical, to empower and transform the way you do things. Things like feel good about the body you live in, or consciously grow an audience for your creativity without compromising your art.



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Want beautifully written articles that make a difference to the way you see the world, live in your body and work on your business? No gimmicks, no pop-ups, no hard sell. Just one great article a week (before they are published anywhere else). Join my tribe and see for yourself.

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