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A 90-minute Talk that parents rave about…

Want your community to learn how to raise body-confident kids?

The event covers:

  • How to build great body confidence in kids
  • How to deal with the whole ‘sugar’ and kids thing
  • Social media strategies
  • How to talk about fat and weight without awkwardness or fear you’re causing issues
  • Eating disorder prevention
  • Body size bullying (teaching your kids how to respond powerfully)
  • Practical steps to make your home a body-positive environment

This event is for parents of 0ne to eighteen-year-olds. I charge a speaking fee and the community group sells tix to parents. 

Contact me below for all the info you need to book an event at your school/community group

Praise for Emma’s Parent talk:


I no longer feel overwhelmed by my kid’s questions:

“What a worthwhile night. Such a fresh, empowering informative session. You have presented this in such a way that I no longer feel overwhelmed about my children’s questions around body, food, and image. I look forward to putting these things into practice. I hope many people can benefit from all of your knowledge about this area; especially our little ones!”

~ Anna Rees Hoffman, Landscape Architect, Arrowtown


I learned way more than I expected to:

“I have learned so much in your session, so much more than I expected. I think this is a session I will remember for a long time. You have given me some great take-home message that will change me in a positive way & help our family together have a much more positive view on our bodies and acceptance of ourselves.”

~ Kathryn Mellville, Paediatric Dietitian, Queenstown


I want everyone to hear this:

“Mindblowing incredible!!!! I want everyone I know to hear this message!!!”

~ Michelle Sokolich, Filmmaker, Auckland