The group coaching program

(workbook club)

Where you get the workbook done!

Starts June 1


with Emma Wright, Body Confidence Coach


You don’t have to wait for things to go south. You can take action now. 

Raising Body Confident Kids Book by Emma Wright (1)

Don’t wait for the problems to start! Your kids are going to face constant messages about their body, their image, their clothes. The simple strategies you’ll learn will empower you to gift your wee ones a body confident world-no matter what messages society sends them.

Seriously, you can start controlling this narrative and take the power back for your kids, starting today. Social media, cultural ideals and playground antics are giving them ideas and they’re often not good ones. WE can change that. YOU can change that. 

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Join us

  • We’re mothers who are busy, we know the importance of good body image, so we want to get the workbook done – this club will make sure it does!
  • 1 hour a week for four weeks
  • Starts June 1 at 7.30 pm on Zoom 
  • Four one-hour sessions starting Mon, June 1 at 7.30 pm
  • You’ll receive a free PDF of the Workbook when you join 


You’re not alone. Join other mums, who are ready to get the workbook done. 


Turning up once a week, with Emma, means you won’t find excuses to put the book on the backburner.


Emma will answer questions, support you and most of all keep it fun and motivating.

Join the workbook club today, and start taking control of those cultural narratives

Book Club fee: $99. 

Doors close at 7 pm June 1


*You get a free PDF when you join. If you’d prefer a hardcopy and haven’t got one yet, go here.

Raising Body Confident Kids Book by Emma Wright (1)

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