BodyBlossom Walking Routine.

For BodyPostive Warriors.

Your body. Your health. Your humor. Your way.


You know that Mindfulness, Gratitude, Appreciation, Exercise, Me-Time, Getting outdoors, Routine are awesome, right?

Now you can tick them all off, with one elegant & fast practice.

No shaming. No before and afters. No diet culture. No restriction.


Practicing in a BodyPositive way with other, hip, Warriors.

I’ve never felt so alive

I’m glowing from the inside out


How it works:

You listen, and follow along, to the live streamed guided walk, on the exclusive facebook group.

You’ll join other BodyPositive warriors – holding a space of goodness – from all over the world.  

What you’ll need:

  1. A smart phone with the facebook app
  2. Access to internet/data
  3. Headphones

Want to compare?

Activity Fitness Level In nature Easy access Support Structure
Yoga class high no no yes
Yoga app high no yes no
Transcendal Meditation low no no yes
Mindfulness app low no yes no
Gratitute practice low no yes no
BodyBlossom High Yes Yes Yes 

What does it cost?

$99 per month

Includes access to 14 BodyBlossom walks per week

Each walk is approx 30 mins


Access to the BodyBlossom Discussion Board:

Weekly BodyPositive video topic

Discuss BodyPositive ideas with like-minded warriors

Find walking partners, meet friends, build awareness, help change the world


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