Your body at the beach

Beach body

Listen up – Summers coming, which means, we’re going to start seeing the ‘beach body’ ads. You know the ones? The ones that make you feel a bit sh*t about yourself.

And then depressed or fearful or anxious when you think about going to the beach…

And then the need to cover up while your kids splash and play…

And at the same time, you probably know that one of the VERY best things you can do for your kid’s body confidence is to demonstrate body acceptance in yourself.

So here’s what I’m here to remind you – (cos I really want each and every one of us to believe that the body we have is a good one – not a flawed, in need of fixing one)

– body acceptance doesn’t have a size or shape prerequisite.


And the beach doesn’t have one either. I mean, let’s ask?

Who is worthy of enjoying the beach?
1. Vets.
2. Philanthropists.
3. Nurses.
4. Flight attendants.
5. Individuals fluent in Greek.
6. Sweet six-year-olds.
7. Cranky ninety-four-year-olds.
8. Anybody with a Body.
9. Literally, anybody with a body that has a pulse.

Here’s how to make the awkward transition from hideous self-consciousness (and the desire to hide away) to saying, f*ck it, I’m getting out there amongst it (even if it’s only for your kid’s sake – but I hope it’s for your own as well).

1. Find the perfect swimsuit for your body shape – allow yourself to get the nicest one you can possibly find for your budget. Monique Doy may have some great ideas about this. Shop around, go to stores that hold your size or shop online allowing for the fact that you might have to return things if they are not ‘fabulous’ enough.

Now for the very best part. How to get that perfect beach body those ads think we should be striving for.

1. Put on your swimsuit. Slather on your sunscreen. Done.

Congratulations!! You have a perfect beach body.

Just like your kids do.

Just like every living breathing human on this earth does.

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