The 10,000 Mothers Club

With Emma Wright, the Body Confidence Coach

Welcome to the Club!

80% of mothers say they have an I hate my body moment. Every. Single. Day.

Seriously, you don’t have to be one of them.

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Health and wellness info bombards us from all sides. 

Yet guilt and misery about how we look & what we eat has reached epic proportions.

It’s time that changed – for us & our kids.

But what can we do when everything feels a bit… helpless?

Step one: understand that getting food & exercise ‘right’ is never, ever going to make you happier and healthier. 

Step two: decide to learn new, better habits. 

Step three: act now. It’s easy to think you’ll get to this later. But later never comes.

Create a body confident future for you and your family. Start today by joining The 10,000 Mothers Club.


The 10,000 Mothers Club

Where mothers come together to create a body confident world

Join us

  • We’re mothers who know body image is important and don’t want our kids to have issues – so we’re being proactive
  • Mothers whose kids have put on weight and don’t know how to keep them healthy without causing harm – so we’re learning how to improve health without getting caught in obsessiveness and rules that don’t work long term
  • Mothers who are sick and tired of trying to lose weight and don’t want our kids to get stuck on that rollercoaster – so we’re learning new habits and demonstrating body confidence to our kids
  • Mothers who have no idea what to say when our kids say nasty things about their own body – so we’re learning how to have these conversations so they end well
  • or… we’re mothers who have found intuitive eating, health at every size, fat acceptance, and want to practice body-positive exercise in a safe environment – so we’re doing the daily group walk, doing our best to change the culture we live in and continuing to heal our relationship with our bodies 
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Why 10,000 Mothers? I believe that if 10,000 mums shift the way our culture treats bodies, our kids will grow up on a very different planet. While we may be small now, we have the power to grow and change the world. 

Emma Wright

I’ve taken all my advice, guidance and knowledge for you & created the 10,000 Mothers Club. Come join this safe space with practical and real-life support.


You’re not alone. Join a community of mothers, ready to embrace body confidence that lasts – regardless of how your body changes in future. 


Learn from Emma Wright, the Body Confidence Coach, and others in your situation. Feel supported in learning new strategies and putting them into action.


You can make a difference. To your family, your community and the world. Encouraging body confidence so you and yours can live your best lives. 

You have presented this in such a way that I no longer feel overwhelmed about my children’s questions around body, food, and image. I look forward to putting these things into practice. I hope many people can benefit from all of your knowledge about this area, especially our little ones!


Join today and start enjoying:

  • a live 15-minute online guided Group Walk – 7 am every weekday –  so you can practice seeing your body as a good one, and build a mindful exercise routine
  • the Raising Body Confident Kids eCourse (worth $297) so you can practice the 10 principles of body confidence in your home
  • book/resource/podcast recommendations so you can keep learning
  • monthly interview with body confidence experts 
  • monthly Q&A with Emma Wright, Body Confidence Coach so you can have all your questions answered


Join The 10,000 Mothers Club

$20 a month from the end of your 10 day trial
What to say when your child says, I hate my fat (fill in the blank)…

You’ve been told all the wrong information about how to manage these conversations, and what to do at home. Now you’ll understand why what you’re doing doesn’t work. For all ages, learn what to say and do when it comes to talking to your kids about how they look and what they eat.
Download the happy, healthy body-image conversations toolkit.

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